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2017-07-22 to 2017-07-25Seattle (Washington, US)
$750.00 USD
$375.00 USD
Refresher Cost
Prerequisite Courses


Lead Instructor: PFI Instructor
Additional Instructor(s):
Daggon "Chris" Bustad

Price Includes

  • PFI Intermediate Manual
  • PFI T-Shirt
  • Online Pre-Learning
  • post course certification card
  • access to PFI members Only Site and Yahoogroups

Equipment Requirements

  • low volume mask, snorkel, fins
  • socks and gloves
  • 5-7mm wetsuit with hood
  • weight belt (with approx 15lbs weight) in 1-2lb blocks
  • digital underwater timing device

Location Info (Addresses)

Seattle (Washington, US)

Location information TBA but will be in teh Tacoma/Seattle area.


This is an example schedule that may change slightly.

Day 1: Class 8am-2pm, Pool 3-6pm

Day 2: Pool 8-10am, Class 11:30-1pm, Open water 3-6pm

Day 3: Class 8-1pm, open water 2-6pm

Day 4: Open water 9-1pm