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2018-05-11 to 2018-05-13Everett, WA (Everett, Washington, US)
$450.00 USD
$225.00 USD
Refresher Cost
Prerequisite Courses


Lead Instructor: Ian Almasi

Ian Almasi


(425) 923 9824

WhatsApp: +1 (425) 923 9824

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Northwestapnea


Price Includes

Upon enrolling in the class you will receive an email containing things for you to do leading up to the course.


Access to member's only PFI Yahoo email group.


2 classroom sessions


2 open water sessions


2 pool session


Classroom sessions of freedive theory and practice which includes:

 -Equalization workshop to make sure you are using preferred technique.

 -Physics and physiology of freediving and how it relates to us as freedivers.


-Proper breathing exercises for freediving which we will use throughout the course. Including how to properly prepare and recover from a freediving performance, as well as, how to take a peak inhalation to have longer more comfortable dives.


-Freedive specific gear lecture. Advantages and disadvantages of certain equipment.


-Brief history of freediving and PFI.


-Dry training and purpose of freedive training.


Pool session(s) where we cover:

 -Safety, signals and practice of static apnea.


-Practice proper breathing exercises for more sensational freedives when in the ocean or training.


-How to do an efficient proper entry without wearing excess weight.


-Finning technique and streamlining to optimize performance when out diving.


-Safety exercises in the event of a hypoxic issue with you or your buddy(Blackout and Samba exercises).


-Buoyancy Tests to ensure safe weighting.


Open water session(s) which involve:


-Proper relaxation technique through breathing and mental tranquility.


-Coaching for technique and recover breathing.


-Free immersion(pulling down on line) to work equalization and build stronger breath hold without working too hard.


-Learn how to be safely and efficiently weighted to make dives easier and safer.


-How to kick in order to be most efficient when diving.


-Safety exercises in case you or your buddy has a blackout or samba(LMC) when out diving for fun or training.


-Proper entry technique to get a pleasant and efficient start to your dives.


-Personalized coaching and attention every step of the way.

Equipment Requirements

Students must provide their own gear for the class.

Which includes:

-Mask and Snorkel(Preferably Low volume mask and J-snorkel)

-7mm westsuit will be required for open water sessions(Preferably open cell freediving suit with attached hood) and a thin 3mm for pool session

-Weight belt and weights(preferably an assortment of smaller weights to fine-tune buoyancy)

-Fins(socks or boots as well. Long blade freediving fins preferred but not required)

-Timing Device(freedive computer preferred, but anything with waterproof timer will work)

I also suggest you bring a towel, warm clothes, and something to drink and eat to the open water session.

Evergreen Dive Service in Everett has a small selction of items for sale and rent. But does not rent wetsuits. The Oregon Freediving Company is run by another PFI instructor Dan Semrad who has many items for sale and can be shipped. If you are interested in purchasing anything feel free to contact them through facebook. The PFI online store also has a number of quality items from reputable manufacturers.


Frontline Freediving also offers gar that can be shipped easily. And they have great customer service.


 Feel free to contact me for details or anything you are curious about.

Location Info (Addresses)

Everett, WA (Everett, Washington, US)




Local Area Travel Recommendations

There are many hotels in the area should you need a place to stay during the course. Feel free to search online to find something that can fit your budget.