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2018-03-07 to 2018-03-14Dahab (EG)
$1375.00 USD
$1375.00 USD
Refresher Cost
Prerequisite Courses


Lead Instructor: PFI Instructor


Price Includes

*You must be a NAUI Instrutcor to take part in this course. We will requier NAUI Instructor number so membership can be varified by NAUI Headquarters.


  • PFI Intermediate Manual
  • Instructor Manual
  • Freediver Manual


  • PFI Intermeidate Freediver (first 4-days)
  • NAUI/PFI Instructor Workshop (last 6-days includes Safety Freediver, Supervisor Freediver, Assistant Instructor and Freediver Instructor)

Equipment Requirements

  • Mask, fins and snorkel – Low volume mask and long blade fins. 
  • Wetsuit with gloves and boots – 3mm freediving suit is required for pool and ocean sessions. Good freediving suit with attached hood is perfect. 
  • Weights and weight belt – Having an assortment of smaller weights to adjust for proper buoyancy is a must. 
  • Depth and/or timing device – A waterproof watch at the very least, better yet a freediving computer is perfect. 
  • Underwater Slate and Pencil

Location Info (Addresses)

Dahab (EG)

Class, pool to be held in Dahab.

Open Water to be done at the Blue Hole.

Exact location will be emailed to the students.


Each day will run from 8am-6pm.  The extact schedule will be emailed to the registered students.

Local Area Travel Recommendations

Any Dahab hotel.