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2019-03-23 to 2019-03-24Key Largo (Key largo, Florida, US)
$250.00 USD
$250.00 USD
Refresher Cost
Prerequisite Courses


Lead Instructor: PFI Instructor

Price Includes

  • PFI Intermediate Manual
  • All class, pool and open water instruction
  • PFI Certification card
  • Access to the PFI Members only website and Yahoogroups

Equipment Requirements

Below are items that you need for the course. 

  • Mask, fins and snorkel – low volume Freediving mask, snorkel, and long blade fins.
  • Wetsuit – full 3mm wetsuit is required for pool and open water. A good open cell freediving suit with hood is strongly recommended.
  • Weights and weight belt – rubber Marseilles belt with assorted smaller weights (1-2lbs).
  • Depth/timing device – A waterproof watch is needed; a freediving computer is perfect.

Location Info (Addresses)

Key Largo (Key largo, Florida, US)



The course schedule and dates may change.  It will run from 8am-6pm